From our company back in Germany, we got the unique chance to work in an English-speaking country of our choice (England, Ireland or Scotland). We quite quickly decided on going to Ireland as we considered it to be the most extraordinary country of the three and would have never gone there on holiday.

Ronja S and Ronja K from Innogy, Germany at the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

Our day trip to Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way and the Cliffs of Moher

Shortly after we registered for the programme with Arbeit und Leben, both of us were contacted by Kieran, the founder and CTO of ProvenCoder. Honestly, we were not sure what to think about working in a startup company. In Germany, we both work in a huge company so we were thrilled to see what it is like working in a recently founded, innovative startup company. After some short and very pleasant calls with Kieran, who calmed our small fears, we set off to Ireland.

On our first day at work, we were welcomed very friendly. We got to know the people working at ProvenCoder and Kieran introduced the company´s range of services to us. Ronja and I consider the idea of providing coding tests for companies to hire a skilled coder as very innovative and time-saving. For the time of our stay in Ireland, we were instructed to work on marketing issues for ProvenCoder. We got the time and resources we needed in order to work efficiently. Moreover, we were always sure of having someone to contact whenever there was any sort of problem, no matter if it was a problem with the Irish (not very reliable) busses, our accommodation or any work topic. Furthermore Kieran gave us a few nice tipps to discover as much as possible of the beautiful country Ireland and its culture.

We really enjoyed spending time with the open, friendly and caring employees of ProvenCoder. Sean also gave us a quick insight into the various programming languages, that still seem like Chinese for us. We enjoyed the launch breaks with chats about differences between Ireland and Germany, football and intercultural experiences that we had already made, such as the urge to chat that Irish people apparently have or the weird pronunciation of Gaelic words.

Our overall experience with ProvenCoder was really pleasant. We were always given the feeling of being welcome and needed. We honesty felt that it was incredibly important to Kieran that we would feel comfortable and that he really cared about our general well-being.

Thank you, Kieran, David, Patri and Sean for your time and patience. We really enjoyed working in such a pleasant environment and look forward to visiting Ireland and ProvenCoder again.

Best regards, the two Ronnies